Technical Specs

General Info

Weight (g)

Astro's maximum payload weight is 1500 grams.

Wiris Pro Payload (including gimbal) is ~940g

Dimensions (mm)

When upright and forward facing, the Wiris Pro payload alone has the maximum outer dimensions as follows: 150(width) x 157(length) x 162(height)

Ingress Protection



Smart Dovetail

Operation Temperature

-20C to +50C

Range of Motion:

Numbers are maximums from a forward-facing and horizon-leveled position.




+/- 170°. No continuous pan

52° Left, 92° Right

50° Up, 120° Down

Flight Time

A single flight with Astro carrying the Wiris Pro Payload is typically 25-30 minutes. Note that the time presented in AMC is an estimate. The exact time depends on a number of factors such as temperature, air density, wind speed, and direction, as well as the flight profile of the aircraft.

To extend flight times while focusing on a fixed area of interest, consider having Astro orbit around the area. In our testing, Astro is most efficient when orbiting at 7 m/s, rather than hovering. The orbit flight mode can be found by clicking on the map while on the ‘Fly’ screen, then clicking the orbit icon:

Wiris Pro Camera Specs

Thermal Infrared Camera:

Camera Modes

Photos at 640x512p, Video at 640x512p 30 FPS

File Formats

JPEG images

Radiometric TIFF images

Radiometric full-frame IR recording (raw data recording in 30 Hz)

Exposure Modes

Auto, Manual, Custom Incremental

Color Pallets

BlackRed, BlueRed, BWIron, BWIronI, BWRainbow, BWRainbowHC, BWRGB, Fire, Gradient, Gray, GraySlowFade, Iron1, Iron2, Natural, Rainbow, RainbowHC, Sepia, Steps, Temperature, WBRGB

Sensor Resolution (pixels)

640px x 512px

Lens Field of View (degrees)

Wiris Pro Payload ships with a 13mm lens, approximately 45 x 37 degrees FOV (horizontal by vertical).

Workswell Field of View Calculator

Visible Electro-Optic Camera:

Camera Modes

Photo are 1920x1080px, video records at 720p 20 FPS

File Formats

JPEG images h.264 (.mp4) video

Focus Mode

Continuous autofocus

Sensor Resolution (pixels)

1920px x 1080px

Sensor Size (mm)

8.46mm (diagonal)

Lens Horizontal Field of View (degrees)

1x zoom → HFOV = 93.5 degrees

1.5x zoom → HFOV = 74.8 degrees

3x zoom → HFOV = 40.6 degrees

6x zoom → HFOV = 21.5 degrees

10x zoom → HFOV = 11.92 degrees

SSD capacity: 128GB

A full list of Wiris Pro specifications can be found on Workswell’s website:

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