Auterion Suite
Like your smartphone, Astro is online as soon as it’s turned on. With Auterion Suite you can access Astro’s data, manage your fleet, access detailed flight logs, check vehicle status, get software updates, download compliance reports and access support online.
Tools to automate your drone operations, including automatic picture upload from Astro to the cloud or into third party software like Pix4Dcloud, will become available in summer and fall 2021.
Auterion's documentation covers the Suite in depth.


Getting Data into the Suite

Astro will automatically upload flight log files to the Suite with built-in wifi or LTE connections.

Flight Logs

Astro automatically creates flight log files that record the aircraft's flight path, inputs received, outputs sent, and more. The Suite is the easiest way to review flight logs. Learn more about flight logs.

Sharing and Privacy

Freefly and Auterion think of data generated by Astro, including flight logs, as your property. We think it's important that you are in control of your data, are confident in the measures taken to ensure security, and agree with how the data is used.
The Auterion Privacy Policy gives a layperson's description of how data can flow from Astro, through the Suite, and to partners you choose.
Briefly, when Astro is registered with a Suite account, you can choose to have flight logs automatically uploaded from the aircraft to Auterion servers when an internet connection is available. You can review this data in your Suite account. Auterion employees do not have access to your data. You may choose to share individual flight logs with Freefly Support via the Suite, for example to troubleshoot details of a specific flight.
Learn more about the Astro's internet connections: wifi and LTE.
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