Software Release Notes
Make sure to always have both the Astro Software and Herelink Software up to date to prevent any compatibility issues.
See Updating Astro Firmware for the download links, as well as update instructions

Astro v1.1.11

  • Summary: Astro Map initial release
  • Release Date: May 2022
  • Versions in this package:
    • Astro Skynode: v1.1.11
    • Herelink OEM build number: FFARU01220425
  • Operational Behavior Changes
    • New Feature - Failsafe change: Before executing critical and emergency battery failsafes, Astro now switches to “hold” mode for 10 seconds and shows an alert on the AMC. This allows the pilot to have an opportunity to take any manual action, such as aborting the RTL incase vehicle is operating below obstacles. RTL can be be cancelled by selecting any other flight mode.
    • New Feature - Initial mode behavior change: Astro will now boot into PENDING mode, and will transition to Position mode when GPS accuracy requirements are met. This prevents accidentally taking off before the Position mode is available and being confused as to why position hold and RTL failsafe is unavailable. If the pilot wants to takeoff before this (without GPS), they can switch to Altitude or Manual mode.
    • New Feature: Astro will now go through a 3 stage landing for a smoother touchdown. This autoland is available within 50m horizontally and 30m vertically from the takeoff location. Outside of these bounds, Astro will autoland using the 2 stage touchdown, as it did in v1.0.21.
    • Improvement: Mission pause and resume actions will resume the mission from the last completed waypoint
    • Improvement: Mission and cruise speed defaults are set to 10 m/s
    • Improvement: Default mission altitude is set to 50m
  • System and Other Changes
    • New Feature: Astro will now GPS geotag the photos with high accuracy and move them any attached USB storage device. High accuracy is achieved with the integration of camera hotshoe signals, and 1PPS time synchronization
    • New Feature: Astro will automatically write GPS observation files to any attached USB storage device at end of flight for use in PPK processing of flight path or photos. If the aircraft is powered off before observation file writing is complete, it will be placed in a recovery folder on the USB drive at next boot.
    • New Feature: Herelink runs an additional app (Skyway) to route telemetry and video to hotspot devices. This allows connection of multiple devices to Herelink hotspot and stream data and video from Astro
    • Improvement: Astro prevents flashing non-Astro firmware releases to Skynode
    • Improvement: Astro requires a magnetometer calibration after firmware update and parameter reset
  • AMC Changes
    • New Feature: AMC will display estimated flight time remaining in minutes as a bar at the top of the screen
    • New Feature: Herelink radio signal strength indicator in status bar
    • New Feature: Support for Astro Map system
    • New Feature: Progress indicator after landing to let users know when GPS observations are done processing. You can set aircraft parameter GPS_DUMP=0 to silence this notification (which will also disable writing data necessary for PPK processing).
    • Improvement: AMC now runs in background. Minimizing AMC app won’t trigger datalink failsafe
    • Improvement: Auterion suite pilot login
    • Improvement: Terrain collision calculations are improved when planning a mission
    • Improvement: UI for maximizing video window is improved
    • Bugfix: Performance impact of capturing hundreds of photos during a survey is reduced
    • Bugfix: Corridor scan will now trigger photos on all flight legs
  • Developer/advanced user Changes
    • New Feature: 1PPS pulse is available on the IO board ZPD connector
    • New Feature: Support for Mavlink Gimbal protocol V2 -
    • New Feature: Camera trigger and feedback is enabled
    • Improvement: External serial port is renamed from TELEM4 to PPB. Baud is now configured with SER_PPB_BAUD. Default baud rate is now 921600
    • Improvement: Astro now requires Smart batteries with firmware v1.9 and above (this should only impact beta testers, v1.9 was the initial public battery release firmware).
  • More Details
    • Astro v1.1.11 is based on AuterionOS 2.5 and APX4 2.5. Here are the detailed base image release notes

Herelink v1.0.1

  • Summary: Herelink bugfix release
  • Release Date: September 2021
  • Versions in this package:
    • Herelink OEM build number: FFSRU01210809
  • Notes:
    • Bugfix: This version fixes an issue with the wifi hotspot intermittently stopping to work.

Astro v1.0.21

  • Summary: Astro hotfix release
  • Release Date: August 2021
  • Versions in this package:
    • Astro Skynode: v1.0.21
  • Notes:
    • Bugfix: Slew rate limits are enabled to prevent an edge case where aggressive motor commands can cause motor controller to destabilize.

Astro v1.0.18

  • Summary: Initial Astro release
  • Release Date: July 2021
  • Versions in this package:
    • Astro Skynode: v1.0.18