Normal Procedures


Astro Checklists and EPs - v5.pdf
Astro Checklists and EPs - v5.pdf
We also offer this checklist as a Google Sheet template to make customization easy. For example you might want to, add procedures for your payload or region. Maybe you want to change paper size or layout.

Quick Checklist

Booms and Legs
Unfold and lock
Props and Motors
Check for free rotation
Power on
Latch and power on
Return mode
Set altitude

Sensor Calibration

It is not necessary to perform calibrations as a matter of course. Often a calibration will not be required even if the aircraft is relocated a long distance (e.g. by air travel). Compass handling in particular has been improved as compared to past PX4 implementations. For example, shortly after takeoff, the aircraft automatically performs a compass calibration. In general, sensor calibration should be unnecessary. There are times when it may be required:
  • If the magnetic field strength in the operating area is significantly different than where it was calibrated. If the aircraft appears to have the wrong heading on the ground, makes a large move after takeoff, or flies crooked for a few seconds, those are indicators you should do a compass calibration.
  • If the drone has a significant ferrous or magnetic payload installed, it may be required to perform calibration with the payload installed to improve performance.
  • If the operating temperature is very hot or cold, it may be required to do a gyro and accelerometer calibration to get best performance. In those cases, power on the aircraft and allow it to sit for 10 minutes in ambient conditions to allow the electronics to warm up, then do gyro and accel cal as directed by AMC. A warning about high accelerometer bias is an indication to do this.
  • after doing a full parameter reset, it is usually wise to recalibrate.
Use AMC to calibrate the sensors. See AMC docs for the GUI details.
Mount your payload
Open AMC on Herelink
Mount Astro batteries and activate
Navigate to AMC > Vehicle Setup > Sensors
Follow directions in AMC docs to calibrate sensors
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