This quick tutorial will walk you through how to setup RTK with your Astro or Alta X using the Pilot Pro with Herelink

Things you need:

  • Astro / Alta X

  • Pilot Pro with Herelink

  • Freefly RTK Base Station

  • Laptop / computer

  • Ethernet Cable

  • USB to Ethernet adapter (only if your laptop does not have an ethernet port)

  • USB-C cable (USB-C on the RTK side, whatever your computer accepts on the other)

Setting Up Hardware Connections

First, connect all required devices. You will need to connect the following connections:

  • Pilot Pro connected to the computer with an ethernet cable

  • Freefly RTK Base Station connected to the computer with a USB cable

Ethernet location on Pilot Pro

Setup Computer Networking

Video Link: Setting up an ethernet connection on your computer with Pilot Pro

  • On the computer, configure ethernet adapter IPv4 properties to a static IP:

    • IP:

    • Subnet mask:

Windows example of Static IP configuration

Configure AMC/QGC

In AMC on your companion device, Navigate to Settings > Comm Links > add to add a TCP comm link with the following settings: Name: <User Specified> Type: TCP Host Address: TCP Port: 5790

Under Settings > General > RTK GPS, you'll have the option for how the RTK base station location is determined. Survey-In will listen for GPS for the specified observation time, and then allow RTK if the accuracy is below the specified number. If you know the exact base position, we would recommend to use the specified base position for higher accuracy

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