Astro Public


Astro is Freefly's compact industrial drone platform.
Here is a guide to Astro wiki:
  • PILOT'S OPERATING HANDBOOK - Describes the complete operation of aircraft and flight control systems. Read and understand this manual before operating Astro.
  • MAINTENANCE MANUAL - Describes the maintenance schedule and various maintenance procedures.
  • PAYLOADS - Lists the (official and unofficial) payloads that are compatible with Astro, as well as their operational and maintenance instructions.
  • ECOSYSTEM - This is a menu of Astro building blocks that enable various customer workflows.
  • SPECS AND INTERFACE - Performance specs along with all the resources needed to build accessories and payloads that work with Astro.
The handbook is not a substitute for adequate flight training. Training requirements can vary when operating in different countries or under different flight conditions. Always consult local regulations before flying Astro. In areas where there are no flight training requirements, it is the sole determination of the pilot-in-command as to whether he or she has the appropriate level of training or experience for a given flight. Always set and adhere to personal minimums and fly within your own capabilities.