Replacing Components

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Replacement Parts

If you need to purchase spare or replacement parts, please go to to purchase our standard parts.

For any specific replacement needs or issues, please contact or submit a direct ticket with your request.

Fastener Specifications

Use Of Thread locker

Bolts and screws used in the daily use of this aircraft do not require threadlocking compound. This includes the screws securing the vibration isolation system and the landing gear parts.

However, for the structural fasteners described in parts of this section, blue Loctite 243 compound or equivalent is required. Apply sparingly to the threads before insertion.

Fastener Installation

The Freefly hex drivers included with Astro are designed to limit the torque that can be applied to each bolt or screw and help prevent stripping the fastener head.

Thread all fasteners into their respective holes until snug (when the fastener head bottoms out and lightly clamps the two mating parts together).

To prevent excessive tightening and damaging the fastener or parts, twist the driver from the smaller diameter knurled section of the tool between your thumb and index finger for small fasteners (under size M3) or with your thumb and two forefingers for larger fasteners (size M3 and larger).

Fastener Torque Values

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