Astro uses Freefly SuperLight Batteries, the SL-8 Air version. This is a brief summary of their essential functions. For complete documentation and specifications, see the SuperLight Battery Wiki.


Connect the charger to a power outlet and the battery. The onboard battery management system will do the rest. A lightning bolt symbol indicates the battery is charging. The screen will show a charging time estimate.


Slide the batteries into the rails on top of Astro until the latches click. Check that the latches are fully down. It is also recommended to pull the battery in the opposite direction to ensure that the battery cannot be removed without releasing the latch.

Press the button twice to activate. Activating one battery automatically activates the other battery.

Battery connectors cannot be mated while wet. Blow out any water.


Press the button once to check state of charge. Press again to activate the battery (i.e. to enable output).

Press the button to cycle through top-level screens. Hold for detail, when available. Press to return to top level.

When a battery is ejected from a device, it will automatically enter standby. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the battery will revert to standby automatically. To activate standby manually, press and hold the button.

Back-to-Back Flights: 8 batteries (4 sets) and 6 Fast Chargers are needed for continuous back-to-back flights.


Pull up on the latch to release the battery. Continue to hold the latch and slide the battery free from the Astro.

Power Devices via USB-C

The USB-C port can provide power to devices like the Herelink controller.

Connect the cable and activate the battery.

Flying Back-to-Back

Four sets of SuperLight batteries and 6 SL Fast Chargers are needed to fly Astro back-to-back continuously. Assumes every pack is drained to 6% and pack temperatures are low enough to permit immediate charging. In hot weather, the batteries must cool before flying add one set of batteries.

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