FAA Remote Identification (RID)


Freefly Systems developed an FAA compliant Remote ID solution for Astro.

  • For existing Astro operators, Remote ID compliance can be achieved by a field software upgrade.

  • New Astro's shipping after February 2024 come with standard Remote ID installed.

Upgrade Instructions

Any Astro that shipped before February 2024 can be upgraded to be Standard Remote ID compliant. Upgrade can be done by the pilots in the field without any additional hardware required.

1. Update Astro firmware to v1.5 or above

2. Enable Remote ID

  • After the firmware update, press the Remote ID toggle (shown in image), then accept to enable.

3. Register

  • Once Remote ID is enabled, you can get your Remote ID Serial Number. This number is different from Astro's hardware serial number.

    • While still on the firmware update page (, locate the Skynode Serial Number

  • Prefix this number with 18179 to get your Aircraft's FAA Remote ID Serial Number

    • For the example above, this would be 18179130000018

    • The range of valid Astro RID serial numbers is between 18179130000000-1817913FFFFFFF, using the hexadecimal numbering system.

  • Log in or Create an account at FAA DroneZone

    • Select the 'Drone Owners and Pilots Dashboard'

    • Select 'Manage Device Inventory' then 'Add Device' or 'Edit Device'.

  • Affix a label to your drone

    • Remote ID rule requires standard Remote ID aircraft to display a label indicating the drone complies with the rule. Print a label that indicates "FAA Standard Remote ID Compliant" and use a tape or adhesive to securely affix it to your drone. The label must be in English and be legible, prominent, and permanently affixed to the unmanned aircraft.

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