Replacing Propellers

Ensure rotation direction is correct. Always replace propellers with a set intended to rotate in the same direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). We suggest replacing one propeller assembly at a time to minimize potential for mix-ups, rather than removing all propellers at once.

Always replace both propeller blades as a set. They are a matched and balanced pair, with matching serial numbers. This is to reduce vibration.

  1. Remove fasteners between the prop hub and the motors: (x4) M3x10 bolts.

  2. Remove the old propeller assembly.

  3. Fit the new propeller assembly.

  4. Apply Loctite 243 or equivalent to all screws before installing. torque to 1.5 Newton meters.

  5. Reinstall (x4) M3x8 bolts.

The correct direction of the propellers is shown below. Please note the arrow indicating the front of the Astro, which is easily identified by the cylindrical antenna.

Prop Tension

Each blade of the propeller assembly should move freely with a small amount of resistance. It should not be difficult to fold the prop manually, and the force of gravity should be enough to pivot the blade at the bolt if the aircraft is rotated.

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