Hovermap Setup on Astro

Mounting ST-X on Astro

The mounting kit for Astro can be purchase from Emesent and includes the mounting bracket, fasteners, dampers, and IO cover, and cable.

  1. Remove the isolator and payload cable from the lower chassis. Then, screw the Hovermap ST-X dovetail bracket using the shoulder screws.

Use a 2.5mm driver and Loctite 222 on the screws. Be sure to tighten them down all the way!

  1. Attach the ZPD connector to the IO panel on Astro.

  1. Then screw the cover over the IO panel, torquing the bolts to finger-tight.

  2. Connect the cable to the back of Hovermap ST-X.

Mapping Only - Astro Parameter Configuration

Update your aircraft to the latest firmware to enable Hovermap functionality, at least v1.4.6

Assisted or Autonomous - Astro Parameter Configuration

For assisted and autonomous missions, Astro parameters need to be updated to enable communication with Hovermap and to increase rate setpoint tracking on Astro. See the autonomous section for more details:

pageAssisted/Autonomous Flight

Pilot Pro and Hovermap Configuration

Live preview and connection is currently only supported with Pilot Pro + Astro

  1. Install the Emesent Commander App on Pilot Pro. You will need to add your Pilot Pro to the Emesent channel of apps to download it.

    1. Connect the Pilot Pro tablet to the internet via the wifi settings

    2. Open the camera app on the tablet

    3. Scan this QR code and copy the link when it pops up

  1. Open the Freefly Updater app

  2. Go to Settings > Repositories

    1. Click on + ADD REPOSITORIES

    2. Paste the link you copied from the QR code (alternatively type this: http://freefly-updater.freeflysystems.com/v1_third_party/emesent/stable_repo/)

    3. Exit the Repository menu

  3. You might need to enable Freefly Updater app in Settings under Install Unknown Apps

  4. Go to Latest > Commander > Install

  5. Open the app once it's downloaded

  6. Permission Commander access pop up messages

  7. Enter

The latest tested version of Commander is 1.2.0_10

  1. Check that Hovermap is running hvm_st_3.2.1 firmware or later. If not, follow Emesent's documentation on firmware updates.

Latest Hovermap firmware for Astro is v3.2.1.

This can be found once connected in the Commander app in the 'Web UI' page

  1. Power on Astro, which should also power on Hovermap. Wait until the lights on the back of Hovermap to turn breathing blue.

  1. Open Commander the app and click on the ethernet icon in the upper left corner. Click Change Hostname and set the IP address to

  1. Refresh the Commander app and wait for an ethernet connection to be shown. This may take a few minutes.

  2. You're connected to Hovermap through Astro!

Mission Planning and Flight

See this section on mapping with Hovermap

pageMapping with Hovermap

Assisted/Autonomous Flight

See this section on flying Astro with assisted/autonomy enabled:

pageAssisted/Autonomous Flight

Post Processing

Check out Emesent's documentation for details on how to remove data and post-process for ST-X:

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