Gimbal and Camera Software

Gimbal Firmware Release Notes


  • Initial release for LR1 Payload

Make sure to update Astro and AMC to the latest FW too!

Updating Gimbal Software

  1. Download the firmware package.

    • Extract the .zip folder contents.

    • Open the extracted folder- the top level folder that you will need to copy onto the gimbal will be called "freefly". Do not copy the folder that states the firmware version.

  2. To upgrade Gimbal firmware, connect the gimbal to a laptop using a USB-C cable.

    • The USB-C connector is located on the Smart Dovetail of the gimbal

    • Ensure the gimbal is not powered by the aircraft

    • The gimbal will show up on the computer as an external drive called "FREEFLY"

  1. Open that drive and you will see a folder named "freefly". This is the current firmware file that you need to replace.

    • Delete this folder and replace it with the new firmware folder "freefly' that you downloaded in Step 1

  1. Remove the USB-C cable from the gimbal and connect the gimbal to an Astro using the Smart Dovetail to power on the gimbal.

  2. Insert 1 SL8 Battery into the aircraft and fully latch the battery, but do not power on the aircraft at this time.

  3. Use a paperclip or small screwdriver to hold down the Firmware Load button on the gimbal- this button must be pressed and held for 10 seconds while powering on the aircraft.

    • This small button is recessed into the gimbal housing and is located next to the USB-C connector on the Smart Dovetail.

  4. Power on the aircraft by double clicking the button on the SL8 battery.

    • Ensure that the Firmware Load button is held down during this time for 10 seconds while the new firmware is loaded onto the gimbal.

  5. When firmware is successfully updated, the gimbal should stabilize correctly and video feed will show on the controller.

Camera Software

We have tested LR1 cameras on 1.00 FW. We do not recommend any updates to the camera as it may cause compatibility issues with Astro and AMC.

Gimbal Logs

With Astro off or with the gimbal removed from the aircraft, connect a USB-C cable between a computer and the USB-C port on the payload side of the dovetail. A drive will mount on your computer. The logs are located under "freefly\movi\logs".

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