Pre-flight Planning


  • While Astro can fly in the rain, the Wiris Pro camera does not offer any ingress protection, so we do not recommend flying in any precipitation.

  • In cold temperatures:

    • We recommend allowing 3-5 minutes of warm-up time after powering on. This allows the IR sensor inside the Wiris Pro to reach a steady operating temperature for the most accurate temperature measurements. During the warmup time, the gimbal and camera will still work as normal, however the temperature data from the IR sensor may be less accurate.

    • Make sure your Astro batteries don't get too cold. More info can be found in this section of the wiki.

  • The Wiris Pro Payload matches Astro's operational temperature range of -20C to +50C


  • Check that the Wiris Pro Payload is secured in the Smart Dovetail mount and that the safety latch is closed.

  • When you’re ready to fly, perform the standard preflight checks for Astro (found below).

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