Updating Herelink Software

Please do not format Herelink to factory settings! All of Freefly's configurations to make Herelink work optimally with Astro out of the box will be lost. If you are experiencing issues with Herelink, please reach out to us at contact@freeflysystems.com for assistance.

Managing App Updates with Freefly Updater

Use the Freefly Updater app for managing app updates on your Herelink controllers. If the Freefly Updater app is not installed, follow these instructions. Ensure your controller is connected to the internet to install the latest apps and receive update notifications.

To update your apps, go through the following steps.

  1. Connect your controller to the internet.

  2. Open the Freefly Updater app.

  3. Either refresh the Your Apps page or wait for it to auto-refresh.

  4. This page will display a comprehensive list of all apps available for installation or update. Apps with the latest version will be marked as LATEST.

  5. To update or install apps, simply tap on the desired app and follow the prompts to INSTALL or UPDATE, granting any necessary permissions.

  6. Revisit this page anytime to confirm you have the latest versions of your apps.

Android OTA Updates

This process is rendered obsolete for most customers by the Freefly Updater.

  1. Connect your Herelink to the internet through WiFi.

  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the Android quick menu.

  3. If there are any updates available, you will see them here. Follow the instructions to get your software updated. Alternatively, go to Android Settings > About phone > System Updates.

If you get a "Can't check for updates" message, go to Settings > Date & Time, and ensure the date is correct. If not, manually correct it before trying to update the software again. If you're still unable to update, check your internet connection using Chrome on the Herelink. Occasionally, wifi access points require you to agree to terms and conditions in your browser before an internet connection is fully established. 40% battery is required to update the Herelink firmware.

Checking Auterion Mission Control Version

Checking Skyway Version

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