Packing, Handling, and Setup

LR1 Payload Hardware Overview

Astro + LR1 Payload is designed to fill the needs of enterprise mapping and inspection workflows.

  • Learn more about the Astro aircraft here.

  • The LR1 Payload consists of a Freefly gimbal with an integrated Sony ILX - LR1 camera. It is developed for use with Astro and other vehicles that use the Freefly Smart Dovetail and the Pixhawk Payload Bus standard.

Installing the Isolator

The LR1 Payload uses the Astro Isolator. Info on how to install the isolator on Astro is here:

More info on the isolator system for Astro is here:

Vibration Isolators

Installing/Removing the Gimbal from Astro

Smart Dovetail is not hotswap compatible. To avoid damaging Astro or your payload, please power off the aircraft before attaching or removing a Smart Dovetail payload.

To install the gimbal:

  • Power off the aircraft.

  • Orient the gimbal under the aircraft so that it is facing forward and the Smart dovetail is facing upwards.

  • Slide the gimbal Smart Dovetail into the Isolated Dovetail receiver that is on the underside of the aircraft. Slide until you hear an audible click of the safety latch and the connector is fully seated.

  • Close the dovetail locking lever until tight and the gimbal is secure.

To remove the gimbal:

  • Power off the aircraft.

  • Open the dovetail locking lever so that it is loose.

  • Hold the safety latch so that it is disengaged.

  • Slide the gimbal dovetail towards the front of the aircraft to fully disengage from the Smart Dovetail Mount and remove the gimbal.

Updating Astro and AMC

LR1 Payload is compatible with: - Astro firmware 1.6 and above. - AMC 1.28.10 and above

Updating Firmware

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