Gimbal, Camera and Astro Software

Gimbal Firmware Release Notes


  • Change: baud rate to enable reliable parameter forwarding

  • Bugfix: now handles mavlink forwarding turned on

This is a required firmware update for Astro's running firmware 1.6 or later. This gimbal firmware will only work on Astro FW 1.6 and later


  • Bugfix: Fixed the SD card corruption issue, preventing the gimbal from powering on

  • New: Added tilt limits to mongoose of -90 and +30 degrees tilt

  • Improved roll tuning


  • Initial Release

Sharing gimbal logs

You can access the gimbal logs by connecting the (unpowered) Wiris to a computer, navigating to freefly > movi > logs, and copying the latest file. Share with support to expedite any gimbal-related ticket issues.

Updating Gimbal Software:

  1. Download the provided firmware package.

  • Extract the .zip folder contents.

  • Open the extracted folder- the top level folder that you will need to copy onto the gimbal will be called "freefly". Do not copy the folder that states the firmware version.

  1. To upgrade gimbal firmware, connect the gimbal to a laptop using a USB-C cable.

  • The USB-C connector is located on the Smart Dovetail of the gimbal

  • Ensure the gimbal is not powered by the aircraft

  • The gimbal will show up on the computer as an external drive called "FREEFLY"

  • Open that drive and you will see a folder named "freefly". This is the current firmware file that you need to replace.

    • Delete this folder and replace it with the new firmware folder "freefly' that you downloaded in Step 1

  1. Remove the USB-C cable from the gimbal and connect the gimbal to an Astro using the Smart Dovetail to power on the gimbal.

  2. Insert 1 SL8 Battery into the aircraft and fully latch the battery, but do not power on the aircraft at this time.

  3. Use a paperclip or small screwdriver to hold down the Firmware Load button on the gimbal- this button must be pressed and held for 10 seconds while powering on the aircraft.

    • This small button is recessed into the gimbal housing and is located next to the USB-C connector on the Smart Dovetail.

  4. Power on the aircraft by double clicking the button on the SL8 battery.

    • Ensure that the Firmware Load button is held down during this time for 10 seconds while the new firmware is loaded onto the gimbal.

  5. When firmware is successfully updated, the gimbal should stabilize correctly and video feed will show on the Herelink controller.

Updating Wiris Pro Software:

You shouldn't need to update the Wiris Pro firmware. If you are advised by Freefly support to do so, here is the process:

You will need:

  • USB keyboard

  • Micro HDMI to HDMI cable

  • HDMI Monitor

We know this isn't an ideal method of updating the camera. If you don't have an HDMI monitor/keyboard and would prefer to have the Wiris updated at Freefly, we will happily update it for you. Just reach out to

  • First remove the micro SD card from the side of the Wiris Pro and insert it into a computer.

We do not recommend updating the camera firmware unless advised by Freefly Support. We have extensively testing on this version of software and updating the camera may cause issues.

  • Download the firmware. The file format is .tar so you may need to enable downloading this format in your web browser. The latest supported version of Wiris Pro firmware is 1.6.42

  • Place the firmware file on the micro SD card, then re-insert it into the Wiris Pro.

  • Remove the ethernet cable from the back of the Wiris Pro.

  • Attach the gimbal to the aircraft; power on the aircraft and gimbal.

  • Tilt the gimbal about 45 degrees down to allow access to the cable ports.

    • Use the Herelink tilt wheel to tilt the gimbal

  • Attach a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to Wiris. Attach the HDMI end of the cable to a monitor.

  • Attach a USB-A keyboard to the USB-A port.

Watch the output on the monitor. Using the arrow keys and enter keys on the keyboard, navigate through the Workswell menu:

  • Press Enter to exit Ethernet mode.

  • Press the right arrow to expand.

    • Use the down arrow to go to Advanced Mode.

    • Use the right arrow to expand.

      • Press the down arrow to go to Memory.

      • Press the right arrow to select and then click Enter on Update.

      • Ensure that the UI detects the correct firmware version to upgrade to and press Enter on Confirm.

Do not power off Astro or Wiris Pro until the update is complete.

  • Once the update is complete, power off Astro/Wiris Pro.

  • Remove the USB and HDMI cables.

  • Be sure to reinstall the ethernet cable from the gimbal in the back of the Wiris Pro.

Updating Astro Software:

To upgrade to the latest version of Astro software, follow the steps on the page below. The Wiris Pro Payload is compatible with Astro software version 1.3.2 or later.

Updating Firmware

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