Isolation System

The Wiris Pro Payload uses the Astro Isolator

There are multiple versions of the isolator, check to make sure you have the correct version

  • The Astro Isolator is available in our store. Instructions on how to install the isolator on Astro are below:

This isolator has the Smart Dovetail connector attached and allows swapping between the Wiris Pro Payload, the Mapping Payload, and other payloads that use the Smart Dovetail standard.

We recommend the Astro Isolator over using the isolator that comes with Astro Map. The Astro Isolator is compatible with both payloads.

Check all the dampers are in good condition before each flight, as these can wear out over time. We recommend replacing all dampers on the isolator every 6-12 months. 30A durometer damper replacements are included in the Astro Isolator Kit and are available through our store:

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