Advanced Operation

To have the images geotagged with the location of the aircraft, attach a USB thumb drive to Astro’s USB-C port and select ‘USB storage’ in the image storage options.

We recommend clearing out extra photos from your USB drive to reduce the time it takes Astro to sync the USB drive files with the gallery when first plugged in

Search and rescue

  • The flight path of Astro is displayed with a red line on the map in AMC, which can be useful for looking at the area the aircraft has already covered

  • Setting an isotherm to show colors between a specified temperature range can help with identifying areas of interest quicker

  • Streaming live video from the aircraft to the Auterion Suite is possible with a strong LTE connection. Additional information on setting up LTE on Astro is here:

Network and Connectivity


  • The Wiris Pro EO camera provides 1920x1080 images and 1280x720 video from a 1-10x zoom lens. When approaching an object of interest, we recommend keeping the aircraft a safe distance away and zooming in as much as needed to see the detail level required for inspections.

  • When using Slow Speed Mode, camera tilt and pan are scaled with the zoom rate, so the control inputs become less sensitive the more zoomed the camera is.

Be careful not to become disoriented when flying with the camera zoomed in. We recommend resetting the camera zoom to 1x before flying to a new inspection location.


  • The Wiris Pro Payload currently does not support mapping missions.

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