Precise Gimbal Control

How to fine-tune the gimbal pointing controls

Tilt Control

The Wiris Pro payload has zoom rate scaling on tilt. This means that as the zoom level of the EO camera is increased, the tilt rate of the gimbal will be decreased to give more pointing control

The overall gimbal tilt speed (slow/med/fast) can be adjusted under the camera settings

Yaw/Pan Control

By default, yaw control of the aircraft is unaffected by the zoom level of the camera, however, zoom rate scaling can also be applied to yaw/pan through Slow Speed Mode.

For even more control, the global yaw rate of Astro can also be adjusted if desired. The default global yaw rate of Astro is 75 degrees/second.

  • This can be adjusted by going to Advanced Mode (tap the Auterion logo in the upper left hand corner 7 times) --> Vehicle Setup --> Parameter --> MPC_MAN_Y_MAX. The units are in degrees/second.

Be careful when changing parameters and double-check what you are doing. Changing the wrong parameter can cause unexpected behavior or lead to a crash!

Slow Speed Mode

Slow Speed mode is a togglable flight mode that affects the sensitivity of the aircraft's yaw when the camera is zoomed in.

  • Slow Speed mode can be toggled on and off while in flight when Astro is in Position mode. It's active when the icon is lit up and you are viewing the EO video stream

    • Slow Speed mode will automatically deactivate when viewing the IR stream

    • Slow Speed mode is turned off by default

Only the aircraft's yaw speed is affected, not the maximum translational/vertical speed of the aircraft

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