Protips, Limitations, and Troubleshooting

First things first

The Wiris Pro Payload is supported in Astro firmware version 1.3.2 or later. Update your astro!

Make sure to update the Herelink controller to the latest version too!


Slow speed mode makes the gimbal easier to precisely control when zooming in.

Learn about it under the Precise Gimbal Control section

If you want images to be geotagged, insert a USB thumbdrive in Astro and set the image storage mode to 'External USB'

Be careful not to become disoriented when flying with the camera zoomed in. We recommend resetting the camera zoom to 1x before flying to a new inspection location.



Do not hotswap or plug in the gimbal when the aircraft is powered on. This can damage the aircraft or gimbal

Make sure you are using the correct vibration isolator

More details can be found in the isolator section


The Wiris Pro takes about 3 minutes to fully calibrate the thermal sensor. You can still use the camera right after boot, but temperature readings may be slightly off

Make sure to eject the Wiris drive from you computer before unplugging the cable. Power cycle the aircraft and gimbal before capturing any additional video or photos.

The video feed may stop after disconnecting from a PC. This is normal, the video will resume after a reboot of the aircraft

Do NOT format the SSD of the Wiris Pro when connected to a PC. This can brick the camera and will require it being sent back for repair.

Check out the Formatting Media section for more info


Video doesn't come up

Occasionally, we have observed that the Wiris Pro gets 'stuck' during bootup. If you are having trouble getting connecting to the camera, check status light on the back of the camera. If the camera has flashing red/blue lights or a solid red light, this is likely the case. In our testing, rebooting the aircraft resolves this issue.

IR video is black

This can happen if the thermal exposure is set very far off from what the camera is looking at.

Set the thermal exposure mode to auto or adjust your exposure temperature in the camera settings menu

Gimbal tilt controls are backwards

You can invert the gimbal tilt control under camera settings

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