Astro Software v1.4 - What’s New


New: Pilot Pro Integration

  • We just launched Pilot Pro and we think it's the best drone controller ever designed - learn more here! Astro Software v1.4 brings support for the Pilot Pro and introduces new features with it including real time velocity control dials with the new Slow Speed Mode

New: Velocity Control (aka Slow Speed Mode)

  • Using the dials on the Pilot Pro allows for very accurate control of the Astro’s gimbal, ground and vertical velocities - ensuring smooth, consistent, and repeatable climbs or descents. Pilots can lower the velocity and vertical maximum speeds .1 m/s, such that a full stick command moves the machine at that maximum speed and climb rate.

  • Fine-Tuned Speed Adjustments: Pilots can set the velocity and vertical maximum speeds as low as 0.1 m/s. At this setting, a full stick command results in the drone moving at the specified maximum speed and climb rate.

  • High-Fidelity, Controlled Movements: By lowering the velocity clamps to a minimal setting, pilots can achieve highly precise and repeatable slow camera movements or climbs, offering exceptional control via the cyclic stick.

  • Seamless Mode Transition: Operate in the traditional Position Mode to fly at full speed. For operations requiring more finesse, such as a tower inspection or a cinematic shot, switch to the "Position Slow" mode, where the velocity limits set by the dials are engaged for more delicate maneuvers.

Operational Behavior Changes:

  • Mission and RTL Joystick Interaction: Moving the joysticks during Mission, Hold, or RTL modes will no longer switch to Position mode. For immediate stopping, press the Position mode button.

    • It's important to note that after executing certain automated actions, like Missions and Takeoff commands, the drone typically concludes with a Hold action. To regain manual control using the joysticks, operators must deliberately switch to Position mode.

  • Photo Trigger Feedback: Enhanced feedback in AMC UI during photo capture to prevent premature triggering of the next photo. Added error sound for capture failures.

  • Vehicle Timezone Configuration: Option to set the vehicle timezone on the Skynode web page. When set this will be used to name the photo folders based on the local time.

  • Failsafe Options for Wind Limit: Customizable failsafe actions if wind limit threshold is reached: Warning only, Return-To-Launch (RTL, default), and Land.

  • Gimbal Tilt Control Sensitivity: Added an option to adjust the sensitivity.

  • Rocker Dead Band Adjustment: New setting to fine-tune the rocker dead band.

User Interface (UI) Enhancements:

  • Quick Vehicle Overview Menu: Accessible via the vehicle indicator on the top bar's left side, featuring preflight checklists, safety settings, and system status.

  • Vehicle Menu Tab: Now hidden in normal mode, with essential tools available in the Quick Vehicle Overview Menu.

  • Tool Strip UI Revamp: Organized into Quick Actions, Flight Tools, and Map Tools, with improved accessibility and description tooltips.

  • Heading Indicator and Telemetry Dashboard: Redesigned for better map interaction and readability.

  • Unified Joystick and Radio Menu: Consolidated under the Controller menu.

  • Radio Tab Availability: Limited to RC-enabled vehicle configurations.

Status and Monitoring Improvements:

  • AMC Log Default: Logs are enabled by default with a retention of the last 10 files. Popup notifications for unhandled exceptions.

  • Magnetometer Interference Alerts: Notifications for detected interferences.

  • Enhanced Cellular Status Indicator: Detailed status display, including SIM card issues and connection rates.

  • Battery Charging Indicator: Now available for Android-based AMCs.

  • WiFi Settings Sync Fix: Resolved synchronization issues between WiFi settings and vehicle status.

  • PPK Status Enhancements:

    • New workflow API for progress status.

    • Fix for incorrect PPK status display in AMC.

  • In-Progress Download Display: Enhanced visibility of ongoing downloads.

  • UI Improvements: Better organization and navigation, including thumbnail resizing and navigation arrows.

  • Pinch-to-Zoom: Added for gallery images.

  • Download Optimizations: Various improvements to accelerate photo downloads.

Mapping and Mission Planning:

  • Mission Planning UI Structure: New tabbed interface for mission planning stages: "Start," "Mission," and "End."

  • Terrain Elevation Data Model: Transitioned to a new model hosted by Auterion, replacing the previous service that ended in June 2023.

  • KML Import and Mission Item Handling: Fixed KML import errors and improved mission item loading times and gimbal command execution.

  • Sony A7RIV Triggering: Improved consistency with reduced jitter during surveys.

  • Max Waypoint Distance: Increased to 1500 meters.

  • Unified Map Layer: Eliminates the need for map reloading when switching views.

Auterion Suite Integration:

  • New Onboarding Interface in AMC: Streamlined registration and setup process.

  • Feature Configuration Page: Customize Auterion Suite features in AMC.

  • Photo Upload Enhancements: Increased reliability, speed, and UI integration of photo uploads. Photos taken while disarmed won't upload.

  • Live Streaming Fix: Resolved issues causing video drops, ensuring stability across sessions.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Video Stream Reliability: Improved the reliability of the video stream resuming automatically after a brief link loss

  • Video Recording Controls: Fixed Start/Stop/Toggle button functionalities for video recording.

  • Video Stream Duplication: Fixed an issue causing multiple streams, potentially overloading the radio link.

  • App Stability: Improved stability during vehicle connection changes.

  • MAVLink Command Processing: Removed command queuing for immediate execution and reliability.

  • Hold Command and Fly View Commands: Resolved execution issues related to missing terrain data.

  • Manual Control Failsafe: Improved handling during hold command execution.

  • Geofence Reposition Command: Addressed a corner case affecting hold commands.

  • Orbit Altitude Stability: Fixed altitude changes when adjusting speed.

  • Mission Start Bug: Fixed a bug causing the vehicle to get stuck in mission mode with idle motors.

Integrator Updates:

  • MAVLink Dialect Default in AMC: Changed to v2, enhancing initial communication efficiency.

  • Skynode Web UI Logging View: Added for comprehensive log monitoring from any application.

  • AuterionOS App Base Image Inclusion: Simplifies and accelerates app development.

  • MAVSDK Version Update: Upgraded to version 1.4.0.

  • MAVLink Tracker API: New API for integrating third-party object trackers with AMC.

  • Distance Metadata in XMP: Added for enhanced data capture.

  • Disarm Gesture Hysteresis: Introduced with adjustable COM_RC_DARM_A_H parameter.

  • MAV_0_FORWARD and COM_RC_OVERRIDE: Set to 0.

  • MIS_DIST_1WP: Set to 1500.

  • Wind Limit Failsafe Actions: Configurable via COM_WIND_MAX_ACT parameter.


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