Sentera 6X/65R

Astro can fly both the Sentera 6X and 65R!

Both payloads are compatible with Astro using the Smart Dovetail connector, which sends power and capture commands to the cameras in flight.


  • Upgrade the payload software to a compatible version (3.7.0+). Follow the Sentera documentation found here.

  • Install the payload in the Smart Dovetail mount

  • Install the GPS mast and cabling securely

Make sure any cables are constrained and can't get caught in the propellers!

Mission Planning

As of Astro firmware v1.5 or later, the 6X and 65R camera settings are selectable in the survey dropdown of the plan screen. Simply select the camera you are using and adjust the mission flight path as needed.

See Sentera's wiki for the recommended flight settings:

When planning a mission in AMC - Be sure to set the Camera Action field to 'Survey' and at the bottom of the settings page. This will set the camera to be triggered to take photos during the mission

Post Processing

65R Data Offload Process

6X Data Offload Process

Use for the IP address

You MUST plug in the USB-C to pull data, data is not stored on the SD card on the Astro thumbdrive.


  • Turn off your computer wifi connection and ensure the wired network connection is showing connected to "Sentera 65R".

    • Sentera 65R (use this one) > "Data" folder > "snapshots" folder > select date of flight (folder)s

    • Sentera 65 SMB (don't use this one)

  • If you leave the Astro on or hotswap between missions, it'll save all the image in the same folder (annoying for post processing) so ensure you power cycle between missions to make processing easier (create seperate folders).

  • In Field Agent (sentera's processing software)

    • Create the field boundary

      • Then in the field menu select said field

      • Go to the map layers tab

      • press the + button in the right corner of the tab

      • Select individual photos from the upload map layer menu

      • Add the images to the upload section

More Information

Additional information can be found on Sentera's website:

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