Mechanical Interface


The Wiris Pro Payload uses the Smart Dovetail/Pixhawk Payload Bus Quick Release mechanical mount. An overview of the Smart Dovetail, including a 3D CAD model of the Smart Dovetail male and female sides is available here:

pagePayload Mounting Interfaces

You are encouraged to use this model to integrate the Smart Dovetail design into your own UAV! Conversely, you can purchase a Smart Dovetail mount with a 32 x 32mm M3 mounting bolt pattern from Freefly for easy installation:

Refer to the specs section for mass, dimensions, and other information.

pageTechnical Specs

Vibration Isolation

For information on the vibration isolation system shipped with Astro Thermal, refer to the section linked bellow.

pageIsolation System

Isolation systems are aircraft specific and a different system may be optimal for your aircraft, however we offer a couple of options in our store:

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