Every Astro is RTK ready!
Astro contains an integrated Freefly RTK unit. Just add a ground station to enable centimeter-level positioning data.
This is a brief highlight of points relevant to Astro. For full documentation, see the Freefly RTK wiki.
Setup and Survey-in
Mount RTK unit on tripod
Connect RTK unit to PC via USB cable
Open AMC on PC
Power on aircraft, and keep aircraft stationary
Verify that RTK icon appears in top right of AMC PC, near GPS icon
Wait for RTK icon to turn white when survey-in is complete (~180 seconds) (Click the icon to see detailed status)
Alternative: go to AMC settings and enter the coordinates of the antenna for even higher accuracy if known.
If the RTK ground unit is moved, repeat survey-in.
It is not necessary to repeat survey-in after aircraft battery changes.


Adjust accuracy and other settings in Auterion Mission Control (AMC) RTK settings.
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