Wiring Arc200

Connecting The Drive

Always connect the motor and any wiring with the DC power disconnected! Never attach or disconnect a motor when the drive is powered up. Damage to the hardware may occur.

See the Sample Configurations for some diagrams showing connections to the drive for a few popular configurations you might find on a typical electric vehicle, RC car, etc.

Ground Loop Warning

If you are connecting any drive to a controller that is externally grounded and/or powered (might be typical for a flight controller), make sure to read the section titled "1+ Drives connected to a receiver that is externally grounded or powered:" on the Multiple Drives page to avoid damaging your motor drive!

Freefly Supplied Wires

  • USB Cable

  • PWM Cable (accessory purchase, not included with drive): Connect this to the PWM port on the drive and use 'PWM Throttle on Encoder Line' as the input mode

  • Flying Lead (accessory purchase, not included with drive): Available accessory cable to allow connecting to any pin on the drive for a custom integration into an application

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