Additional Parameters

Additional Parameters

ALTA Pro QGroundControl allows users to alter many additional parameters that do not affect the Flight Controller characteristics of ALTA Pro. These parameters are used to select neutral points using trim or to set maximum or minimum values for a variety of different settings. These settings can be found under the Tuning and Parameters tabs in the Vehicle Setup menu.

Users should understand the effect of parameter settings before changing them. Incorrect or poorly chosen parameters can result in crashes, injury, or death. You can always reset all parameters to defaults by following the Reset to Default instructions.

Use the search bar at the top of the Parameters tab to quickly find any settings!

ALTA Configuration Setup

We have compiled a list of the most important ALTA Pro Flight parameters in the Tuning Tab under the Vehicle Setup Menu. Ensure you have an understanding of what the characteristic of the ALTA Pro a parameter effects before changing it.

You may need to update the Hover Throttle when changing payloads to optimize ALTA Pro’s flight performance. The Hover Throttle settings can be found under the ALTA Configuration Setup tab or in the Parameters tab.

If you are unsure of what characteristics a parameter effects please reach out to Freefly’s Customer Support Team for clarification.

Safety Parameters

QGroundControl allows users to customize ALTA Pro’s fail safes and safety parameters. These options are found under the Safety tab in the Vehicle Setup menu.

Low Battery Parameters

This set of parameters allows users to select when battery levels warnings are triggered and what the aircrafts failsafe is when this threshold is met.

This parameter determines the flight mode ALTA Pro will enter if it detects a Loss-of-Signal (LOS). Selecting ‘Land at Current Position’ will cause ALTA Pro to Autoland in place when the LOS is detected. Selecting ‘Return to Land’ will cause ALTA Pro to Return-to-Land and then Autoland when the LOS is detected.

Return Home Settings

Used to set the RTL altitude, loiter time, and RTL behavior.

Land Mode Settings

This adjusts the descent rate of the ALTA Pro during Autoland in meters per second. This value is applied to the Autoland descent profile for the final 15 meters above the ground until landing. This option also provides the option to automatically disarm ALTA Pro after landing.

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