• If the battery is fully charged and near the drive's over-voltage limit, there will be a limited amount of regenerative braking current available. If you use the regenerative braking for long, it will charge up the battery all the way to the absolute over-voltage cutoff limit and you will lose all regenerative braking. This is a safety feature to avoid over-charging the battery and potentially damaging or overheating it but presents a safety issue to be aware of. If you went to the top of a huge hill with a fully charged battery, by the bottom there would be little to no braking available (even at the top you may notice significantly decreased braking capability depending on your over-voltage foldback start and cutoff configurations). You should always have mechanical brakes installed on your vehicle in good working condition in case the electrical system is unable to brake due to battery charge, incorrect configuration, or hardware damage.

  • Always test what happens when your throttle becomes disconnected in case the wire becomes unplugged or the throttle breaks while you are riding your vehicle. For more information on what to expect, see the Powering On and Throttle Safety page.