Alta X Recovery Instructions

Context: Use this process when an Alta X flight controller profile gets deleted and the aircraft needs to be reprogrammed with the Alta X OEM profile, firmware, and parameters. A symptom of this usually is Blue boom LED's and loud motor beeping.

Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure you have downloaded the required files:

  1. Download the latest Alta X QGC Version:

    1. Go to the designated source and download the latest version of Alta X QGC onto your laptop or desktop.

  2. Prepare the Drone for Parameter Loading:

    1. Without batteries plugged in, connect your Alta X to the computer using a USB-C cable via the expansion port and use MSC mode to connect.

    2. Once connected, the drone should appear on your computer's desktop as a hard drive.

  3. Download any existing Tempcal and Parameter Alta X Files from the aircraft:

    1. From your drone's hard drive in the computer, locate the Tempcal file (e.g., 491625-tempcal.params) and the AltaX.Params file

    2. Download both these files to your desktop for easy access during the configuration process.

  4. Update Firmware with Alta X Firmware:

    1. NOTE: Alta X and Alta X Blue get different parameters. Ensure you download the correct firmware for your hardware version

      1. Follow the instructions provided in the Wiki to update your drone's firmware.

        1. Standard Alta X firmware as applicable

        2. Blue Alta X firmware as applicable

      2. Once the firmware update is complete, reboot the drone before proceeding.

  5. Load Tempcal File (e.g., 491625-tempcal.params):

    1. Access the parameter settings on your drone control software once more.

    2. Use the tool button to load the Tempcal file (e.g., 491625-tempcal.params) to your drone.

    3. After loading, reboot the aircraft to apply the Tempcal file settings.

  6. Recalibrate All Sensors:

    1. Now that all files have been uploaded, it's essential to recalibrate all sensors for accuracy.

    2. Follow the Sensor Calibration Procedures provided in your drone's manual or the QGroundControl software.

    3. Always remember to select "No Rotation" for your External Compass Orientation.

  7. Final Reboot:

    1. After recalibrating the sensors, perform a final reboot of the aircraft to ensure all changes take effect.

Your Alta X should now be configured back to normal with the updated parameters and firmware. Always double-check the settings and ensure the calibration process is done correctly for safe and optimal flight performance.

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