UXV Samsung Tablet Recovery Instructions

Context: Use these instructions to reset your UXV Samsung Tablet if you have forgotten your password and are locked out.

Please Note:

  • Freefly recommends that you follow these steps only in an emergency, and if you cannot ship the unit back to Freefly for a factory reset.

  • Performing this process will result in tablet data loss and the tablet also won’t be configured exactly the same way as it ships from Freefly Systems.

  • These instructions are for UXV Controller only. The instructions will be similar for Pilot Pro with modifications on what apps to install (the Pilot Pro instructions may be posted at a later date)

Part 1

Reminder- you will lose any data you have saved on the tablet, including any apps you have installed. Freefly recommends fully charging the controller and tablet and keeping it connected to charger the entire process.

  1. Turn off your tablet.

  2. Then press Volume up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously to enter into Stock Recovery mode.

  3. If you are facing difficulty in turning off your device, then press the power button and volume down button simultaneously on your Tab Active3 LTE. Release the volume down button as soon as your device turned off and immediately press Volume up button, Home button and Power button simultaneously.

  4. Release Volume up button, Home button and Power button after you see Logo on screen. Your Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 (SM-T577U) will enter into Stock Recovery mode after a few seconds. Select 'wipe data/factory reset" option. You can use volume button to select this option.

  5. Use power button to confirm "wipe data/factory reset" option.

  6. Select "YES" option using Tab Active3 volume button. Then, press power button to confirm "YES" option.

  7. You have to select "Reboot system now" option using volume button.

  8. Press power button to confirm "Reboot system now"

  9. Wait for ~10 minutes and it should enter the device setup mode.

Part 2

Follow these instructions to set up the general table settings starting with Step 3 below.

Step 4: Setup Wifi if you have access

Part 3

Install Freefly App Manager

  1. Obtain the Freefly APK file from Freefly Systems. You must contact Support@freeflysystems.com to run through troubleshooting steps before obtaining this file

  2. Insert a USB-C thumb drive into your laptop and then put the apk in the thumb drive.

  3. Insert the thumb drive to the tablet (directly).

  4. Go to the My Files app, and open the USB thumb drive.

  5. Tap on the APK file to install.

  6. It will likely ask for you to go to Settings to allow your tablet to install the app. Proceed to give it permissions to Install Unknown apps. Ignore warnings and click Install anyway.

  7. Install other apps

  8. Open the just installed Freefly App Manager.

  9. Tap on the Apps tab at the bottom.

  10. Make sure you are connected to Wifi.

  11. It should show a few apps on the page.

  12. Go ahead and install the apps like QGroundControl, Radio Configurator, NavSuite, etc. You need to tap on them and then hit the INSTALL button that shows up.

  13. You will also have to allow permissions for Freefly App Manager to install apps.

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