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Ember App Wifi Setup

Wi-Fi Connections for Export and Preview


By Default Ember S5K has a Wi-Fi access point called Ember-S5K-XXXXXX with the last 6 characters being a hexadecimal identifier unique to your camera. The default password is ‘ember5k600’
You are able to change the default Wi-Fi Password and SSID using the App, and can reset them using the ‘DEFAULT’ button on the on-camera menu along with other camera settings.
  • Custom passwords must be >8 characters or they will be rejected by Ember S5K
  • Restoring your camera to default will reset custom SSID/Password settings
v1.3 Screenshot with connection options

Wi-Fi Channels

Wi-Fi operates in the 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum on a fixed number of ‘channels’ which Wi-Fi access points operate on to provide service to users. Different channels have different abilities and we’ve exposed some of these channels under the CHANNEL option on the on-camera menu. Users with their WiFi connected device nearby should not need to change this setting. You may wish to make changes in specific conditions like the presence of another strong Wi-Fi connection operating in the same channel in your area, or to optimize longer range control.
Channel 44
5 GHz
80 MHz
Export, Preview, Control
433 Mbps
Channel 153
5 GHz
80 MHz
Export, Preview, Control
433 Mbps
Channel 149
5 GHz
40 MHz
200 Mbps
Channel 5
2.4 GHz
20 MHz
96 Mbps
Wi-Fi Bands The differences between 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are in these different frequencies' ability to penetrate walls and other types of interference. 2.4GHz channels are typically superior to 5GHz channels in this respect.
If you are in an open space and want control from further away from your camera, you should consider using the 2.4 GHz option.
SSID - Service Set Identifier, this is the name of your Wi-Fi Network
Channel - A narrow band of wireless frequency allocated to the assertion of a wifi network and for communication to devices on that Wi-Fi network.
Updated 2023-09-20