This page contains the latest versions and release notes of the Wave Player (macOS) and Wave Player (Windows) software, as well as the Wave Camera Firmware and User Guide. If you don't have a Wave yet, you can also download sample footage to try out in Wave Player.
Please note that both updates (Wave Player and Camera Firmware) may be required to take advantage of the latest features. Updating Wave Player alone does not automatically update the Camera Firmware.
For previous versions and release notes, see the Previous Versions.

Wave v1.4.3 (macOS) (ZIP, 4.6MB)
macOS 12 Monterey or later is required for Wave v1.4.3.
Use Wave v1.4.1 for macOS 11 Big Sur, or update to use the latest version of Wave Player.

v1.4.3 (30 June, 2022)
  • New Features
    • Color Presets
      • Create color presets and apply them to other clips with one-click
    • Hold to Seek on Timeline
    • Improved application stability
  • Additional Notes
    • Additional miscellaneous changes
Direct all Wave Player macOS feedback to

  • Added CALIBRATE tab for creating User Calibrations to reduce Fixed Pattern Noise (FPN).
  • Improved alignment of factory calibration data (also slightly reduces vertical FPN).
  • Restored Row Filter with improved algorithm and adjustable threshold. This can help reduce temporal row noise in some scenes.
  • Added saturation Shadow Rolloff slider. To reduce color shift in shadows, the saturation is gradually reduced from the Saturation setting to zero between the two values set here.
  • Increased H.264 export bit rate.
  • Fixed some issues with the timeline that would result in 1-3 frame offsets between the cursor or in/our marks and the actual playback position.
  • Other minor bugfixes.

Wave Firmware v1.4.1 (ZIP, 3.12MB)

The camera firmware can be updated over USB using the following procedure:
  1. 1.
    While holding down the Scroll Wheel, press and release the Power Button to power on the camera in Firmware Update mode. Continue to hold down the Scroll Wheel until the Record LED flashes slowly.
  2. 2.
    Plug in the USB cable. The camera will appear as a USB drive. This drive is separate from the one where clips are stored, so your footage won’t be visible but is safe and not affected by the firmware update.
  3. 3.
    Drag the new firmware file (WAVE.BIN) into the fw folder.
  4. 4.
    Click the Scroll Wheel. The Record LED will begin to flash quickly as the firmware is updated.
  5. 5.
    Wait for the camera to automatically restart with the new firmware. This should take at most 30 seconds.

  • Fixed a file system bug that could cause the start of recording to be delayed on the first clip after a power cycle, sometimes leading to frame corruption at the start of that clip.

A PDF copy of the latest Wave User Guide is available below. This Wiki also has information, tips, and tricks for Wave Camera operation.

Shrinkwrap Model Link - Fusion 360 Web Viewer. (Downloadable STEP file available from there.)
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