Wave Player (Windows)

Release Notes

v1.0.4 (8 January, 2020)

  • Improved GPU compatibility.

  • Removed Calibration Mode checkbox, which was for internal use.

v1.0.3 (21 December, 2020)

  • Improved GPU compatibility.

Previous Versions

Camera Firmware

Firmware Update

The camera firmware can be updated over USB using the following procedure:

  1. Hold down the Scroll Wheel while pressing the Power Button to power up the camera in Firmware Update mode. Continue to hold down the Scroll Wheel until the Record LED flashes slowly.

  2. Plug in the USB cable. The camera will appear as a USB drive. This drive is separate from the one where clips are stored, so your footage won’t be visible but is safe and not affected by the firmware update.

  3. Drag the new firmware file (WAVE.BIN) into the fw folder.

  4. Click the Scroll Wheel. The Record LED will begin to flash quickly as the firmware is updated.

  5. Wait for the camera to automatically restart with the new firmware. This should take at most 30 seconds.

Release Notes

Previous Versions

User Guide

3D Model

Shrinkwrap Model Link - Fusion 360 Web Viewer. (Downloadable STEP file available here)