Drive Specs:

  • Input Voltage: 4S (13.6v) - 12S (50.4v)*

  • Max peak phase current: 200A

    • Continuous current with little to no heatsinking (hot-side facing upwards and unobstructed): 60A

    • Continuous current when bolted to a typical EV aluminum chassis: 100-150A

    • Continuous current with infinite aluminum heatsink or water cooling, and forced air cooling on phase wires: 200A

  • Control Inputs: PWM, Analog (1x combined throttle/brake or independent throttle and brake), UART/CAN (for advanced users to interface through the Freefly API's QX protocol)

  • DC-Input: XT90

  • Phase-Output: 8mm Female Bullet

  • Sensor support: Fully sensorless, digital hall sensors, PWM

  • Operating modes: Torque mode (EV), speed mode (Multirotor, requires advanced user tuning), angle/servo mode (experimental, requires advanced user tuning and high-resolution motor encoder)

  • 23.4kHz switching frequency for zero audible PWM noise

  • Integrated 5A 5V BEC (Recommended continuous-current draw to be kept less than 3A)

  • Water resistant and splash proof - integrate into your application to avoid continuous water exposure

* (motor inductance must be above 12uH line-to-neutral when operating over 6S battery voltage or damage may occur and warranty void!)