Freefly takes pride in the products we build and we want our customers to have confidence in the gear they use.
Freefly SL batteries are covered by Freefly's warranty for 1 year or 300 cycles (whichever happens first).
The warranty covers:
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Functionality failures
    • Does not charge/discharge
    • Screen does not work
    • Displays permanent Error Code
    • Displays repeated Error Code under normal usage
Warranty is void if any of the following criteria are exceeded:
Voiding criteria
Maximum Battery Cycles
Greater than 300 cycles
Date of Manufacture
More than 1 year from date of manufacture
Minimum Operation Temperature
Lower than -20 degrees Celsius
Minimum Battery Voltage
Lower than 15 Volts
Maximum Discharge Rate
Greater than 90 Amps
Maximum Charge Rate
Greater than 1.5 C (12 Amps on SL8-A Battery)
Contact Freefly Support with any questions or warranty claims.
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