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Frequently asked questions Related to Ember App

Where can I find the app?

Freefly Ember App Download

What version of iOS do I need for the Ember App?

You’ll need iOS 15.2 at a minimum, though we recommend iOS 16.

Which devices work with Ember?

We recommend these devices because they feature a minimum 5Gbps USB-C which the App can use to expedite exporting and other wired operations.

  • iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max

  • iPad Mini (6th Generation, 2021)

  • iPad Pro 12.9” (6th Generation)

  • iPad Pro 11” (4th Generation)

These devices are able to export, play clips and control Ember over WiFi, and slower speed wired connections, sometimes using adapters.

  • iPhone 15, 15 Plus

  • iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro

  • iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro

Which devices don't work with Ember?

  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro or older

  • iPad Pro without M2 Processor

  • iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4

  • iPad Air (any variant)

  • iPad (base, any variant)

These devices, if capable of running iOS/iPad OS 15.2, will be able to do basic camera control and configuration through the Ember App, but will not be able to playback, or export video from Ember.

What’s the default WiFi password?

The default password for Ember is ‘ember5k600’. If you’re having trouble connecting see how to reset Ember WiFi SSID (Wifi network name) and WiFi Password below.

How do I provide feedback?

Send an email to support@freeflysystems.com for all of your support needs including beta feedback for the app!

Does this work with Wave?

This app only works with Ember.

Can I use all my camera’s buttons when the app is connected?

Yes you can use your camera in the same way whether or not the App is connected.

Why can’t I see my live preview from the camera?

Live preview is currently unavailable in the app. We’re working on bringing that to the app this summer.

How can I enter a custom FPS value?

To enter a custom FPS value you’ll open the FPS control in the app and select ‘custom’ Enter your Target FPS. It will be applied if your target FPS is supported by the other Recording Settings.

Can I connect multiple devices to my camera?

Only one iOS device can be connected to the camera for App control at a time.

Why can’t I export full resolution clips in H.264 format?

Due to limitations in the iOS, you aren’t able to export videos exceeding 4K UHD to the Photos App so we’ve removed the option, however you can export them to the Files App.

What’s the difference between markers and In/Out points?

Markers are designed to quickly allow you to select a part of a clip you wish to designate for export. In/Out points are properties of markers and allow you to set specific start and end points manually in ways that markers do automatically.

Can I export to an attached HD/SSD?

Yes. Right now you have to export the clip to the Photos app. Once the export is completed, a green ‘Share’ button will appear that will allow you to select “Save to Files.” Then from the Files App interface you can go to the top level file system and select an external drive. We plan to make workflow improvements to saving to attached disks this summer.

Can the App export clips in the background, while I do other things with my phone?

No, the app must remain in the foreground during export. Your iOS device will not sleep during an active export session.

Why does exporting a long video take so long?

Video export is constrained by the amount of time it takes to move data between Ember and the app. To maximize export speed, be sure to be on one of the faster WiFi channels, bring your iOS device as close to the camera as reasonably possible, and keep your iOS device cool in hot weather conditions.

Can I use Stabilization on a supported iOS device without USB-C?

Compatible Lightning devices can be connected to Ember or Disks containing Ember footage using a Lightning to USB Adapter. Lightning ports on iPhones operate at USB 2.0 Speeds, so there are some behavioral exceptions that happen when connected at slower speeds. Learn more here.

Where do I enter my WiFi password?

You’ll enter the WiFi Password in the Settings App on your iOS Device. To find the WiFi Name for your camera you can scroll to the end of the menu and it will be under ‘SSID/IP’ Select that WiFi network in the Settings app and it should prompt you to enter the password. After you’re connected, you can return to the Ember App.

How can I reset my WiFi SSID or password back to default?

You can reset the WiFi SSID and Password by using the ‘Default’ on the on-camera UI. This will reset all settings including the WiFi Name and WiFi Password without affecting clips stored on the camera.

How do I know which WiFi network to connect to?

To find the WiFi Name for your camera you can scroll to the end of the menu and it will be under ‘SSID/IP’.

What should I do if I don’t see the Ember WiFi Network?

The ember WiFi network typically becomes available about 30 seconds after the camera is turned on. If you’ve waited 30 seconds and the WiFi on symbol hasn’t appeared, You'll want to go to the ‘WIFI’ menu option on-camera and make sure your camera is set to ‘ON’.

What are the different WiFi channel options?

The WiFi channel options determine the frequencies at which the Ember WiFi network operates.

The following channels offer the highest bandwidth which can support App Playback and the fastest export speeds:

  • 80 MHz 5 GHz Channel 44

  • 80 MHz 5 GHz Channel 153

The other options balance bandwidth and distance allowing you to control your camera from further away and are as follows:

  • 40 MHz 5 GHz Channel 149

  • 20 MHz 2.4 GHz Channel 5

Last updated 2024-01-09

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