Alta X Motor Change June 2022

The original Alta X that shipped between September 2019 and May 2022 came equipped with DJI M12 Motors. In June of 2022, the Freefly Alta X received a motor update and is now shipping with X9 motors.

Like all Freefly Systems products, we conducted a lot of testing on these motors to ensure reliability, performance, and safety. You can find the testing log book and test plans conducted for the X9 motors here.

The X9 motors are configured in software to match the same thrust performance of the M12 motors.

X9 motors are not susceptible to SB003 Motor Stall on fast descent.

The M12 and X9 motors use the same 33” propeller but have a slightly different ActiveBlade assembly to accommodate a different motor shaft and bolt pattern. Below are photos of the two motors to help you identify which motors you have and which active blade assembly you will need to purchase for spare parts. If you’re purchasing a new Alta from Freefly Systems at the time of reading this you will have X9 motors.

The M12 motors use

The X9 Motors use

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