Panasonic BGH1 / BS1H Firmware Update

This page describes the procedure required to update the firmware on a Panasonic BGH1 or BS1H.

Download the latest firmware from Panasonic.

Follow these instructions to update the camera firmware using an SD card.

The steps below explain the procedure for updating the camera firmware using Lumix Tether from Panasonic.

Download Lumix Tether from the Panasonic Website (follow the instructions provided on the website and fill in the camera information as required).

Install Lumix Tether software and Run the software. This video provides a brief tutorial on the update process.

Place the gimbal in sleep mode before connecting the communication cable if you are attempting to update the camera firmware while the camera is connected and powered by the gimbal.

Connect the powered Camera to the Laptop/PC using a USB-C cable (or other communication per camera type and laptop available ports).

In Lumix Tether software, navigate to: Settings -> Firmware Update (Start) -> (Camera Selection if multiple cameras connected) -> Select binary camera firmware file -> Open.

Acknowledge the firmware update and wait until the camera is updated.

The camera will automatically restart at the end of the firmware update.

Once the Camera is updated, allow the camera restart to complete. Connect the USB-C cable that was originally connected to the camera (if updating firmware while the camera is installed on a gimbal) and close the port cover if applicable.

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