Overview of ALTA 8 Pro

ALTA Pro is a professional multi-rotor aircraft designed for demanding cinematic, professional, and industrial, applications. In under five minutes, ALTA Pro can unfold from its carrying case to flying some of the most capable cinema cameras and industrial payloads on either the top or bottom of the aircraft. ALTA Pro runs the PX4 stack and has been customized for both cinema and commercial use, yielding precise yet smooth control.

This Aircraft Flight Manual describes the complete operation of airframe and flight control systems, and the normal maintenance of those items. Do not operate ALTA Pro without reading and understanding this manual.

This manual is not a substitute for adequate flight training. Training requirements can vary when operating in different countries or under different flight conditions. Always consult local regulations before flying ALTA Pro. In areas where there are no flight training requirements, it is the sole determination of the pilot-in-command as to whether he or she has the appropriate level of training or experience for a given flight. Always set and adhere to personal minimums and fly within your own capabilities.

Throughout the manual, warnings, cautions and notes are used to highlight various important procedures. These are defined as follows:

Warnings are used to highlight procedures which, if not strictly observed, may result in personal injury.

Cautions are used to highlight procedures which, if not strictly observed, may cause damage to equipment.

Notes are used to highlight specific operating conditions, usability tips and tricks or steps of a procedure.

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