Battery Installation

Battery Installation

Batteries may be installed on either the top or bottom of an ALTA Pro and are always mounted opposite of the payload location. In both locations, battery packs are secured with silicone straps tensioned across the packs. The straps are secured using studs located on either side of the packs.

Always secure battery packs with both battery retention straps.

Ensure both battery packs are at a similar state of charge (a full pack voltage difference less than 0.5V) prior to connecting them to ALTA Pro. Plugging in two dissimilarly charged packs could cause one pack to rapidly discharge into the other and damage the batteries or cause a battery fire.

Only use packs that are identical in their capacity and at a similar condition. Using a pack with another that is larger, or has many more charge/discharge cycles, can damage the battery packs.

Always refer to and follow the battery manufacturer’s instructions, recommendations and guidelines for battery handling.

When plugging in battery packs, ensure the polarity is correct. Positive is indicated by a red power lead, and negative/ground is indicated by a black power lead. Reversing polarity will damage ALTA Pro’s electronics.


1.Place battery retention strap studs at the appropriate height to hold the battery packs firmly in position.

2. Adjust battery stops to fit battery packs.

3. Attach the single-hole end of the battery retention straps to the studs.

4. Place battery packs on the battery tray.

Do not install batteries directly on the lower battery tray if a Toad adapter is also installed. Either remove the Toad adapter or use the Quick Release Battery Tray.

5. Tension and secure battery retention straps.


Always completely secure the inverted landing gear by closing the TITH quick release lever. Inverted landing gear that are not completely attached can rotate and unplug battery leads.

  1. Pinch the battery tray handles and slide to remove it from landing gear.

2. Attach the single-hole ends of the battery retention straps to the studs on the battery tray.

3. Place battery packs onto battery tray.

4. Tension and secure battery retention straps.

5. Slide tray with battery packs back into landing gear until the tray latches in place.

6. Ensure tray and battery packs are secure.

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