Isolator Cartridges

Isolator Cartridges

Different Isolator Cartridges can be used to fine tune vibration damping performance for different payload weights or ambient temperatures. Three isolation cartridge styles are provided with ALTA Pro. The cartridges have colored o-rings: red for light payloads or cold ambient temperature, teal for medium payloads or typical ambient temperature, and black for heavy payloads or hot ambient temperature. Flight testing may be required to determine the optimal isolator for a given setup.

To install, place the cartridges between the top chassis plate and the battery plate. Ensure they are engaged in the track features and are parallel with the chassis and battery plate. Push inwards fully until they click, indicating the cartridges are locked in place. Pull outwards on the cartridge to ensure it is locked.

Always ensure isolator cartridges are locked in place before flying ALTA Pro. Isolator cartridges that are not locked can cause the payload to loosen and change ALTA Pro’s fundamental flying characteristics.

To remove, pinch the cartridge latch to unlock it from the battery and chassis plate, and slide it outwards to disengage. Simultaneously pull the battery and chassis plate apart while pulling the cartridge outward.

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