Configuring for MōVI

MōVI can be attached to either the top or bottom of ALTA Pro via the Freefly Toad In The Hole (TITH) quick release.

ALTA Pro comes pre-configured for GroundView mounting of MōVI.


  • Prepare your MōVI for GroundView flight (see MōVI manual)

  • Attach landing gear

  • Install TITH receiver on MōVI

  • Connect MōVI to bottom Toad


  • Prepare your MōVI for SkyView flight.

    • Remove landing gear (see MōVI manual)

    • Install TITH receiver on MōVI (see MōVI manual)

  • Connect and secure the supplied inverted landing gear to the bottom Toad.

Top mounting is not supported by the MōVI M10 without the keyed pan tube upgrade kit. If you are unsure whether your M10 has the upgrade kit, contact Freefly Customer Support for additional info.

Remove Battery Mount Quick Release.

Connect MōVI to top Toad.

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