Troubleshooting - Updating Firmware

Troubleshooting tips for updating Movi

No firmware update is available

Issue: Navigating in the app to Monitor -> Updates doesn't show a new version


  • Ensure you update to the latest iOS or Android app version.

  • Check which app you are using to update. Stable and beta firmware is loaded from different apps: find which app you need here!

Update Failed on Step 3 of 5

Issue: The update fails at Step 3 of 5 (on iOS App) when attempting to update MoVI. You may see a message like the one below:

Solution #1:

This issue is due to a code change in Bluetooth handling. Long story short: you need to update the Bluetooth firmware on your Freefly hardware (MIMIC, MōVI Pro, etc.) using a microSD card.

  1. The instructions for updating the Bluetooth firmware with a microSD card can be found on our Knowledge Base. In the article, you’ll find a link to the latest version of firmware for Bluetooth and sets of install instructions for MōVI and MIMIC.

  2. Once the Bluetooth is updated via SD, you can run the regular firmware update through the app.

Solution #2:

This issue may also occur because of a microSD Card Error (corrupted SD card, pulling SD card mid-update/revert, insufficient space on the SD card, or any other similar SD card error).

See microSD Card Tips at the bottom of this page.

Update fails/Version numbers don't change after update

Issue: Unable to update Movi using iOS or Android app. The firmware file transfer seems incomplete, and the “Firmware Failed to Update” notification is present

Solution: The micro SD card on MōVI is likely the issue.

See microSD Card Tips at the bottom of this page.

Version numbers are incorrect after update

Issue: Firmware update completes, but version numbers (found on the Movi screen from Monitor -> Details -> Versions) don't change

Solution: The micro SD card on MōVI is likely the issue.

See microSD Card Tips at the bottom of this page.

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microSD Card Tips

The micro SD card on the side of the Movi screen can be an issue. Sometimes, reformatting the card can resolve the issue. In other cases, a new microSD card can fix issues. Follow the directions below to access and reformat the microSD card.

Remove the micro SD card (see item #6) and format it on a computer in FAT32 format. Then, re-insert it into the Movi and reboot it. In the app, reconnect and repeat the update process (Monitor -> Updates),

If the update still fails, replace the included SD card with a new micro SD card, size 32GB or smaller, and try again.

Version numbers for Movi firmware can be found here.

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