Unfolding and Folding ALTA

ALTA Pro features swan-neck booms that fold compactly for travel. They are secured in an open position for flight using over-center latches.

Unfold ALTA Pro

  1. Remove ALTA from case.

2. Unfold ALTA Pro Remove ALTA from case. Fold down all six/eight boom retention clips.

3. Open ALTA Pro booms. ALTA Pro can become unbalanced and tip over while unfolding booms individually, so unfold opposite boom pairs simultaneously to keep balance.

4. Snap shut all eight boom latches until they click and latch.

5. Visually confirm all latches are seated properly

6. Remove prop protectors.

Fold ALTA Pro

Secure props with prop protectors.

2. Unlatch all eight booms.

3. Close ALTA Pro booms in opposing pairs to keep balance.

4. Fold up all eight boom retention clips to secure booms.

Care should be taken when storing ALTA Pro in its case to avoid damaging the GPS antenna and the telemetry radio. When storing ALTA Pro in a non-standard case, remove all antennas to ensure there is minimal/no contact between the external electronics and the case.

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