How to mount FRX Pro

FRX Pro Mounting

  • Install a FRX Pro module to your gimbal using the Pop-n-Lock dovetail and a Pop-n-Lock mounted to the pan axis of your gimbal. See the diagram below for suggested mounting areas on your gimbal.

    • If necessary you can update the orientation of the Pop-n-Lock dovetail to make adjust the orientation of the FRX Pro module.

    • Alternatively you can utilize the zip-tie features machined into the front face of FRX Pro to secure it to the mounting surface.

  • Mount the other FRX Pro module to your MōVI Controller setup.

    • We suggest using a Screw Mount Pop-n-Lock kit to utilize one of the many 1/4-20" mounting location on the MōVI Controller and most monitors.

FRX Pro Wiring

Gimbal Side

  • Unplug any devices from COM1 of the gimbal's GCU.

    • When using FRX Pro you will no longer need the older MC-RX's. These can be removed from the gimbal.

  • Use one of the COM Cables provided in the kit to connect the FRX Pro's UART port to the COM1 port of your gimbal.

Controller Side

  • For power, connect the other FRX Pro module to an external power supply, such as a V-Lock battery using the FRX Pro D-Tap Power cable.

  • For signal, connect the FRX Pro to the MōVI Controller using the USB Cable provided in the kit.

    • Ensure you have plugged the USB Cable into the bottom USB port on the MōVI Controller.

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