External Computer

External Computer Mounting


To mount an external computer, first open the chassis. Directions for opening the chassis can be found in the maintenance section.


Once the chassis is open use the 32x32 mm hole pattern in the lower chassis plate to mount the computer. The hole pattern is sized for M3 bolts.


After mounting the external computer and routing its power and I/O cables, close the chassis.


TELEM1 and TELEM 2 are internal UART for ext computer integration. Both are exposed as 6pin GH. By Default TELEM1 is typically plugged into the FRX Pro. TELEM2 is shared with wifi, so wifi can't be used if you connect anything to TELEM2. SET_TEL1_BAUD or SET_TEL2_BAUD is how you would adjust baud rates.

Power & Comms

Power is available from a few sources:

  • 5V from expansion ports (see Expansion Ports section)

  • 5V or 12V DC-DC converters

Communication to the aircraft is currently available through the Mavlink on the expansion port labelled "UART" (see expansion ports sections)

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