Pilot Pro + Herelink

This guide will lead a user through the installation and setup process for their Pilot Pro Airside kit on Alta X.


Follow this guide to install Herelink on Alta X and get it setup for flight with a Pilot Pro.

Pilot Pro Airside Kit Details




Herelink Assembly



Antenna Assembly



Herelink Adapter Assembly



Herelink Adapter Cover



Servo Connector Cover



Heat Shrink



Bolt M3 x 8 SHCS Dacromet



Bolt M3 x 8 TF FHCS



Zip Tie 200mm



Case Modification Fixture



T8 Torx Driver



Adhesive Cable Tie Mount*

*Not shown in the picture

For any information concerning Pilot Pro, please refer to Pilot Pro Wiki.

Installation Guide

Pilot Pro Airside Kit Installation

FRX Pro + Futaba Radio Removal

Locate Bay 8 - this will be the bay closest to the RTK GPS and the FRX Pro.

Undo the (2x) M3 x 8 Button Head Screws and remove the Blank Closeout Door. Set these aside for later.

Undo the fasteners mounting the FRX Pro, unplug all cables connected to the FRX Pro, then remove it from Alta X. (Mounting fasteners are located just underneath the FRX Pro - not shown in the image)

Remove the FRX Pro antenna and antenna cable from its bay door.

Find the Antenna tube (they will be on the back of the AltaX). Undo the M3 x 8 Flat Head Screw holding the antenna tubes and clip in place; then remove the tubes and clip from the Alta X. Be gentle so you do not damage the Futaba's antenna.

Locate Bay 6 (Radio Bay) - this will be the bay closest to the radio tube you just removed.

Remove Radio Bay's pull door and gently free the Futaba Radio from the adhesive tape.

Unplug all cables connected to the Futaba Radio and remove the Futaba from Alta X.

You will no longer need the following and may store or dispose of them as you wish: FRX Pro, Futaba, Antenna Clip, Antenna Tubes, FRX Pro Antenna, FRX Pro Antenna Cable, and Blank Closeout Door.

You can use the Blank Closeout Door removed in this step to replace one which used to mount the FRX Pro's antenna.

Please note some of the images in the following instructions are shown with the Top Chassis hidden to clearly demonstrate the instructions, however you do not need to remove the top chassis to install any of the components.

Locate Bay 8 - you will have already uninstalled the door for this bay in a prior step.

Take the Herelink Adapter Assembly and install it in the FRX Pro Mounting holes using (2x) M3 x 8 Flat Head Threadforming screws. Use the included driver to install these.

Connect both of the cables previously installed to the FRX Pro to the Herelink Adapter Assembly.

Take the Herelink Assembly and thread all cables through Bay 8 and then install the Assembly using the (2x) M3 x 8 Button Head Screws previously removed.

Run the 10-Pin GH cable from the Herelink Assembly to the Herelink Adapter Assembly and install it in the open connector on the PCBA.

Place the Herelink Adapter Cover onto the Herelink Adapter Assembly as shown and press down, you will feel the cover snap onto the rest of the assembly and hold itself in place.

Ensure that the cables on both sides of the Herelink Adapter Assembly are not pinched and run out cable relief areas of the cover.

Use the remaining M3 x 8 Flat Head Threadforming screw to secure the Cover onto the Herelink Adapter Assembly.

At this point there will be three connectors that are not yet connected; one servo connector and two coax antenna cables.

Take the servo connector and route it to Bay 6 (Radio Bay).

Undo the (2x) M3 x 8 Button Head Screws holding in the radio bay. Set these aside for later.

Push on the back of the Radio Bay to pop it out of the side panel, this will make it easier to perform the following steps.

Push the Servo connector through the grommet on the back of the Radio Bay. Then connect it to the male servo connector already present in the Radio Bay.

Install the Servo Connector Cover to prevent the servo connectors from coming apart. Then tuck all cables back into the Radio Bay

Push the Radio Bay back into the side panel, you should feel a click once the side panel's retention features engage. Then reinstall the (2x) M3 x 8 Button Head Screws to fully secure the radio bay.

Reinstall the Radio Bay's pull door.

Take the two remaining coax cables and find the longer of the two.

Run the longer of the antenna coax cables from the Herelink to Booms 1's wire pass thru. Run the shorter coax to Boom 3's wire pass thru. Make sure both coax's extend out of the wire pass thru's as shown in the images.

Take one of the Antenna Assemblies and slide one of the heat shrink tubes over the antenna cable.

Connect the antenna cable to the coax cable accessible the wire pass thru on Boom 1.

Take a hot air gun and affix the heat shrink over the coax connectors. This will secure the connection and provide weather sealing to the connectors.

Mount the Antenna Assembly to the 32x32mm accessory mount near the cable pass through using (4x) M3 x 8 Socket Head fasteners.

Tuck the antenna cable back through the wire pass thru, then use one of the included zipties to secure the cables as shown. Clip the end of the zip tie once secured.

Repeat for the Antenna Assembly connection and mounting steps with the remaining parts for Boom 3.

Binding Alta X and Pilot Pro

Turn on the Alta X and Pilot Pro.

Locate the Bind button on both the Alta X and Pilot Pro.

Press and hold the Bind button on the Alta X's Herelink until the light on the Herelink slowly starts to flash.

Press and hold the Bind button on the Pilot Pro's Herelink.

Upon successful binding the lights on both radios will become solid green.

To confirm successful binding, open up QGround Control and check to see that Pilot Pro is getting aircraft data.

You may want to remove the (2x) M3 x 8 Button Head Cap Screws holding the Herelink Assembly in place to get easier access to its Bind Button.

Pilot Pro Setup

Follow these instructions to setup your Pilot Pro for use with Alta X. This step only needs to be completed once. Before continuing please make sure your Alta X has been updated to the latest FW.

Turn on Pilot Pro, then navigate to the app screen. This can be done by swiping up on the

Uninstall Auterion Mission control and FF Updater by long pressing the app Icon and then selecting uninstall. They should now no longer appear on the home screen. (Shown in RED)

Make sure the Pilot Pro is connected to WiFi

Using the Pilot Pro's Tablet camera take a photo of the QR Code and approve the download.

Once downloaded, find the .apk file in the devices 'Files'. DO NOT install the .apk via the browser. Then tap the .apk file and install it, if there are pop ups asking for permission select 'Allow'.

Select the Freefly Updater Icon on the home screen, once the app is opened go to the settings menu.

Tap on Repositories and then make sure both the Pilot Pro and AltaX toggles are 'on'. Make sure to turn off the 'Astro' toggle.

Return to the Freefly Updater's main page and download QGround Control. If there are pop ups asking for permission select 'Allow'.

Make sure to pin them to the home screen. Do this by going to the home screen, swiping up from the bottom of the screen to get to the App library. Then tap and hold the apps you would like to move to the home screen, an option should appear saying 'Add to Home', select this for each of the apps.

QGround Control Setup

Follow these instructions to set QGround Control up for the first time after receiving your AltaX + Herelink Upgrade kit. If you have accidentally uninstalled QGround Control you will have to repeat these steps.

Open QGround Control and navigate to the Application Settings by tapping the 'Q' in the top left of the screen. Select the Comm Links menu and select the 'Add' button at the bottom of the screen.

In the Configuration Screen enter the following:

  • Name: ALTA X

  • Type: UDP

  • Check 'Automatically Connect on Start'

  • Listening Port: 14553

  • Target Hosts:

Once all information is entered tap okay and restart QGround Control. QGC should start receiving data from the AltaX once it is open. Return to the Comm Links menu to make sure the link setup was correctly saved.

Alta X Case Modifications

Perform this rework on your Alta X Case to ensure the new antenna mounts fit inside the case.

Find the Case Modification Fixture in the upgrade kit. This will consist of two printed parts that are packaged together.

Open the AltaX Case.

Use the features on the Case Modification Fixture's to align them correctly in the case. There are recessed areas that correspond to pockets in the existing AltaX Case to help with alignment.

The Case Modification Fixture with ' TITH SPACER POCKET' will be used on the back left of the case as shown.

The Case Modification Fixture with 'FUTABA POCKET' will be used on the front right of the case as shown.

Once aligned push down on fixtures so the features on the back of the parts constrain themselves on the case foam.

Use a sharp knife (a stiff boning knife works well) to cut the foam, using the fixture to guide the cuts. Cut to a depth of 50mm (2").

Pull out the foam from the two cut areas and discard of it. You may also discard the Futaba Radio Foam.

Test fit the AltaX in the case and adjust the antenna clearances if needed.

Make sure to orient Alta X's antennas with the antenna slots when inserting it into the case.

Pilot Notes and Controller Limitations

Pilot Notes

  • Kill Switch Behavior

    • Any time the kill switch is activated (pulled down), all PWM signals to the motors will halt and the motors will immediately stop. If the unit is in flight it will not land gracefully.

      • This switch will work regardless of flight mode or other settings.

      • Once killed the unit must be power cycled to regain functionality. Even though QGround Control can send an 'Arm' command after the unit has been killed the unit will not spin its props.

  • Safely Powering Alta X + Herelink

    • The Alta X cannot power the Herelink when only receiving USB Power.

    • In order to power the Herelink as well as the drone safely hold down the 'ACTION' button on the GPS until light pattern changes (~2s). On the Freefly RTK GPS the STATUS LED will flash white once and then the POWER LED will slowly flash Red.

Controller Limitations

  • Pilot Pro Dials, Triggers, and Switches

    • As of right now only critical flight features are activated when using AltaX and Pilot Pro. These include the Mode Buttons, RTL, Kill Switch, and gimbals. We are working on updates to the FW which will allow users to have access to the Triggers and Switches found on Pilot Pro.

    • This includes A1, D1-4, L1/2, R1/2, S1/2, and both Rockers.

  • Second External Telem Port (UART)

    • While the new IO Panel features an additional Telem Port, Alta X's upgraded in the field will not have this feature available without extra work. More information can be found here.

  • HDMI Video

    • HDMI Video will not currently function through the QGround Control App - this is will be fixed in coming updates to the QGround Control App.

  • Ethernet Drone Connectivity

    • While you will be able to connect a computer to the ETH port on the Pilot Pro's radio module and access AltaX, you will not be able to have a true ethernet connection with the drone.


  • Can I fly a Alta X Herelink with a Herelink Controller?

    • We do not recommend flying Alta X Herelink with anything but Pilot Pro. Both the air and ground sides of the Alta X Herelink and Pilot Pro have been configured to work together and will not work with a normal Herelink. To use a Herelink Controller you would need to buy a off-the-shelf Herelink Air Unit and integrate the systems yourself.

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