In this mode, clips recorded to the internal SSD can be browsed and played back for review. Navigate the playback menu using the Scroll Wheel and Select Button. Exit Playback Mode and return to Standby by clicking the Close Icon (×) in the bottom-left corner.

A brief description of Playback operation follows:

Clip Selection

When entering Playback, the most recently recorded clip will be loaded. To change clips, select the clip number in the bottom left of the Playback menu and scroll through the list of available clips. The first frame of each clip will be shown while scrolling. Select a clip to load it for playback.

Play/Pause and Speed Ramping

To start playing a clip, scroll to and click PLAY +1x. While playing, scroll right or left to change the speed of playback or rewind. Click again to pause.

Frame Scrubbing

Scroll to and select the frame number to enable frame scrubbing. Scroll right and left to scrub forward and backward. Click again to exit frame scrubbing.

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