The folding propellers include two balanced carbon fiber propeller blades attached to propeller hubs, which are themselves secured to the motors. The propellers installed on booms 1, 3, 5, and 7 spin clockwise when viewed from above ALTA Pro, and the propellers installed on booms 2, 4, 6, and 8 spin counterclockwise when viewed from above.

For information on propeller installation and maintenance, refer to the Maintenance section of this manual.

Only use propellers supplied by Freefly on ALTA Pro. Use of third-party propellers can cause motor instability, overheating, and failure.

In rare cases propellers can experience icing, this occurs when ice begins to form on the tips and underside of the blades due to temperature and humidity. This will cause the props to become unbalanced, increases drag and reduces lift. Flying with iced blades can be dangerous and is not advised

Checking Propeller Bolt Tightness

Over time, the bolts that hold the propeller blades to the propeller hub can loosen due to vibration. To check propeller bolt tightness, twist the propeller about its length. If there is free play, the propeller bolt is too loose. Use the provided 2.5mm hex driver and wrench to tighten the bolt and nut that secure the propeller blade just enough to remove the play.

Do not overtighten, or the propeller may fail to unfold completely during motor start up, leading to excessive vibration.

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