Updating and Configuration

How to update FRX Pro


Latest FW + Configurator


1. COM Port Drop down Menu

2. Read Configuration Button

3. Default Configuration Button

4. Write Configuration Button

5. Power Level Setting

6. Aux Baud Rate Setting

7. FRX FW Version

8. FW File Selection Button

9. FW Load Button

Updating FRX Pro

FRX Pro's ship with the latest stable FW preloaded onto each module so no updating is necessary before use!

  • To update the FRX Pro module you will need to download the latest FRX Pro FW to a PC.

    • You can find the latest FW packages on the FRX Pro's support page.

    • For the latest MōVI Controller FW, please visit the MōVI Controller Support page.

  • Connect the USB A-C cable to your computer then plug in the FRX Pro module while holding down its Bind button.

    • The status light will turn blue indicating it is in FW Update Mode.

  • Open the configurator bundled with the FRX Pro FW and connect to the correct COM port using the drop down menu at the top of the configurator.

    • If you are using a Mac select the port named 'tty.ubsbmodemXXXXXX'.

  • With the correct COM port selected, choose the new firmware file using the Browse button.

    • The name of the file will be FRX_Pro_x-x-x_xxxxxxxx.enc.

  • Click the Load button to begin the FW load process. After a few seconds, the new firmware file will be sent to the FRX Pro module. Wait for the progress to reach 100%.

    • If FW load fails make sure you are in the FW Update Mode.

  • FRX Pro modules are updated individually; this means each module must be updated when a FW update is released.

Configuring FRX Pro

FRX Pro's power and baud rate can be adjusted when necessary, for instruction review the steps detailed out below.

  • To enter Configuration mode simply connect an FRX to a PC using a USB A-C cable.

    • Do not press the bind button to enter the Configuration mode.

  • Open the configurator bundled with the FRX Pro FW and connect to the correct COM port using the drop down menu at the top of the configurator.

  • With the COM port selected, press the Start Configuration Mode button.

  • The Power Level and Aux Baud Rate can now be adjusted and written to the FRX Pro module using the Write Configuration button.

    • Always use an Aux baud Rate of '111111' when using FRX Pro with the MōVI family of gimbals.

    • To reset the FRX Pro module to defaults select the Default Configuration button in the configurator.

Limiting Frequency Use of FRX Pro

Users may configure the FRX Pro to use a subset of its available frequency range. This setting is not exposed within the configurator application but may be changed through serial commands on the radio. The following procedure explains how to connect to the FRX Pro with a serial connection and change the frequencies used by the radio.

The procedure below must be completed on both radios of a FRX Pro pair.

Do not run the bind process after changing the frequency range. The bind process will reset the frequency to the default full range of 902 Mhz - 928 Mhz.

  1. Download and install a terminal client like Putty or CoolTerm.

  2. Connect your FRX Pro to your PC using a USB-C cable.

  3. Type +++ in the blank terminal window, press enter, then wait five seconds. The radio should reply "NO CARRIER".

  4. Enter ATS180=<Zone#> where <Zone#> is the zone ID noted in Step 6. For example, to use Zone 5, type ATS180=5.

  5. The last digit in ATS180 is the segment number. If you are choosing a Zone with Segment 0, you will not need to change the segment number. If you want to choose a Zone with Segment 1, type ATS181=<Zone#>.

  6. Enter AT&W.

  7. Unplug the radio and repeat for the second FRX Pro.

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