Connector Pinouts

GPIO Connector

The GPIO connector provides two general-purpose inputs (GPI) and two general-purpose outputs (GPO). The figure below shows the pinout of this connector and the color coding of the Mōvi Pro Wave Remote Control Cable (Freefly P/N 910-00661).
Pinout of GPIO connector and color coding of the Mōvi Pro Wave Remote Control Cable.

Mōvi Pro Wave Remote Control Cable

The Mōvi Pro Wave Remote Control Cable (Freefly P/N 910-00661) is available on the Freefly Store. You can use this now for remote start/stop on your Mōvi Pro. It will also enable full camera control via UART in a future firmware update. You can also use this as a donor cable to wire up a custom remote start/stop for other systems (see below).
To configure the correct remote start/stop signal on the Mōvi Controller, the Camera Type should be set to ARRI RS in the FIZ Config menu.

Custom Remote Start/Stop

A custom remote start/stop cable can be created by following the wiring diagram below. The GPIO are optically isolated, so the host must supply a voltage (3.3V or 5V is okay) to power its side of the optocoupler. The current drawn will be <20mA.
Pinout and suggested color coding for custom remote start/stop cable.
The momentary switch connects the GPI2/RS pin to GND (0V). Each single press will toggle the recording state on or off, just like the dedicated Record Button. For wireless remote start/stop, a relay- or transistor-based RC switch can also be used.
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