When a suitable SSD is installed, Ember has the ability to pre-record a user-set amount of time to a flash-based circular buffer. This allows for capturing spontaneous events without wasting a lot of disk space.

To use this feature, set the Pre-Record buffer time using the on-camera menu or App. Then, press the Record button once to arm the camera. While armed, frames are recorded to a circular buffer on the SSD. When the event happens, press the Record button again to trigger the camera. The current circular buffer frames are committed and recording continues normally until stopped.

This feature is only available when a 2.56TB pSLC SSD is installed (standard on Ember S2.5K, optional on Ember S5K). pSLC flash has very high endurance, allowing it to handle long durations of armed circular buffer recording without wearing out. Other high speed cameras use large amounts of RAM for this purpose. By using pSLC flash, Ember can support much longer pre-record times and has no down-time for copying the buffer to flash.

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